Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Devil is in The Details

Counting down. Counting down. I've spent the last few days updating the massive Tour Book I'll carry with me. Nearly 100 shows. Each venue gets checked for the basic information I'll need to get to it on time, load in, sound check, and do a show. Where am I staying? Do I have an updated media list? Contracts, printed maps, details, details... The Devil is in the details. Everybody gets a little note from me, a link to this website. Everything you might need is in the sidebar... Tonight I address envelopes and stuff tour posters in them. In between I'll busk the club district for a few hours. A little blood money to prime the gas tank. A little grease to get me out of here.

I can tell this is going to be a different sort of Blog than the previous ones. I've now played almost 1000 National Steel Blues Tour shows. Year nine of Canada's Biggest Little Blues Tour. And I do smaller tours in between. Hustling. Busking. I'm now more comfortable on the Tour than off. I mostly live in a big car. I like it. But I joined the musician's union in 1972, and I'm not getting any younger. I've had a few near death experiences over the years. Certainly I'm more reflective. Oh, yeah, the Devil would be in the details, wouldn't he? Welcome to the Vagabond Tour, 2014. Not young, not cute, and I don't sing harmony. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you what I really think. It's gonna be a great ride across North America. Stick around as I turn the Tour Book pages.

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