Saturday, August 30, 2014

Adventures on the Coast

It has been non-stop busy on this Tour. Just too many things to have to update, it seems. But the Blog is not forgotten. I'll bring the daily rushes up as time presents itself. In summary, the trip from Toronto to the Coast was better than expected. Nice gigs along the way. Salmon Arm Roots and Blues was fabulous, as predicted. Vancouver Island shows were all small, but all more fun than I would of thought.

Much of the travel is done by ferry on the Canadian west coast. Here I am on one of the bigger boats moving between Vancouver and Victoria, BC. Pods of whales played just beyond the reach of the ship.

Here's some of my new friends in Maple Bay, British Columbia. After the show I was taken under wing for some Island hospitality. Tom and Frances live on a "float house" anchored out in a nearby Bay.

Closer to land, the floathouses are moored to floating docks- really like little floating streets between the houses...

Sweet little cottage. These homes come in all shapes, sizes and personal expressions!

Tom and Frances have plenty of floating workspace for their painting and sculptures...

Dr. Dave took me out crabbing a couple of times. We had a blast. I learned how to catch, kill and cook these little crabs. Not exactly the blues, but not a bad thing for a blues guy to know! More later. I'm with you! Tonight, I play the Hemingway in White Rock, BC. A Sunday show in Vancouver tomorrow, and then I'm Alberta Bound, as Ian Tyson might say.

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